Bearing Breakdown...


Our bearings consist of 4 basic parts:

  • Rubber Shield 

Bearing shields are traditionally hard plastic or metal, but modern innovation has introduced the rubber shield as the most popular choice. The rubber creates an excellent seal against moisture, and will not crack or corrode with age. They are also easy to remove and re-install for cleaning and lubrication.


  • Nylon Retainer

A retainer is for keeping the balls in place at equal distance from each other. While there are a few different types of retainers in the bearings market, all Rush bearings use the "TW" type molded nylon cage. Nylon retainers are superior to metal types for several reasons. They are are lighter than metal, and have the flexibility to withstand impact, i.e not crack or deform under pressure. They are heat resistant and do not corrode from dirt and moisture. Lastly, nylon retainers have little friction in comparison  to metal retainers and and therefore are the most suitable for high speeds.


  • Inner and Outer race, or, Casing

Our casings are made of titanium coated steel or stainless steel, depending on the line of bearing. We only use the highest grade steel available, so you won't have to worry about warps or dings. The deep grove inside the outer race is specially designed to support high load and hard impact. Because of the precise build of our bearings, the inner race and outer race act as one component (though not connected) even when the retainer is removed, holding the balls securely in place. This is especially helpful for those meticulous people who like to remove the retainer when cleaning, as the bearings will stay intact and not roll of the table and into oblivion.


  • 7 balls

Whether steel, stainless steel or ceramic, all of our bearing balls are polished to perfection with a micro-finish and then lubricated with a specialized combination of lube and grease, so they're ready to roll right out of the package.  

Posted on January 21, 2014 .

What is a Hybrid Skate bearing?


Our patented hybrid skate bearing design combines one Silicon Nitride black ceramic ball with six steel bearings. Using less than a complete set of ceramic balls offers many of the same benefits of a full ceramic, but at a lower cost. The single Silicon Nitride ball (one of the hardest materials on earth), helps to lower the friction of the bearing as a whole, and requires less lubrication than a full steel set. As with full ceramic bearings, the density of the the single ceramic ball creates a "grindstone" effect inside the bearing race, buffing out imperfections and effectively creating a "self healing effect".  Patent #US 20060182376 A1

Posted on January 21, 2014 .

The "Waterproof" Metal


Stainless steel = Waterproof

Stainless steel is steel alloy metal with the addition of a minimum of 10.5% Chromium content by mass.  It does not corrode or rust like normal carbon steel, which begins to oxidize and rust readily when exposed to moisture. This is due to the added Chromium forming a protective film against the iron oxides that produce rust and break down the metal. This means no rust and the metal maintains its strength from the inside out! So go out and skate, rain or shine! Thats the beauty of technology.

Posted on January 20, 2014 .

Why ABEC Rating?


The term "ABEC" came from The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, an organization founded during WWII  in order to ensure the right quality bearing for the right application, such as machinery, warplanes and even spaceships. The term has evolved along with skateboarding right into the modern skate bearing factory, being re-appropriated to fit skateboarding, not spaceships. While critics and naysayers claim "ABEC" means nothing to skateboarding, that is just not true.  I'll tell you a secret though, take any ABEC rated skateboard bearing you can find on the market to the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee for testing, and you will find, that on their scale, (designed for aircraft and machinery reaching  ridiculously high rpm) you will probably get an abec 1. Thats like going to a doctor and asking how many tons you weigh, where the answer will surely be < 1. Well then its all marketing, you ask? Well, kind of, but the same testing technologies that ABEC (the association) uses are applied in our factories to our bearings and rated as such, but on a smaller scale, more tuned into the speeds of skateboarding / longboarding. The higher the "ABEC" rating, is indeed the tighter the precision rating, meaning the faster the bearing will spin and the longer it will hold up under high speeds and stress. Please note that ABEC rating is all about manufacturing tolerances and has nothing to do with corrosion, which has to do with chemistry. We will touch in that in our next article.






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